Nature is a Game Changer
“Geoffrey is unique, and defies stereo-typing. A giant of a man with a gentle soul. A soldier who believes in peace. A man who's attuned to nature and to people in all their inter-connectivity. A man to absolutely depend upon, who will bring out and hold your own emergent courage until you can hold it yourself. And there's a real gift because whether we are delving into the unknown in ourselves or into the raw side of nature, we need to know we are with someone who can and will deal with anything that comes up. That's Geoffrey”.

Adrian Wilson-Smith - 2016

Some of our client base and countries where Natural Awareness and Tracking has been delivered:
  • Disaffected Youth
  • Addictions & Rehabs
  • Youth Services
  • Forest School Practitioners
  • Police, Military
  • Counsellors, Therapists
  • Scouts and Youth Organisations
  • Schools, Colleges
  • Film & Documentary Makers
  • Businesses Local & International
  • Corporate Events
  • Plus much more...