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Feedback Naturetherapy-Workshop Oct 2015

Wildnsischule Waldschrat - Germany

I want to say a big thank you to Isabel and Geoffrey, for offering this nature therapy workshop. It felt for me like „being on holiday at home“. Holiday at home, because „to be outdoors with like minded people“ feels like coming home – coming home to nature as an outside place but also coming home to my own nature, within me and within us.

I give thanks to you Isabel, that you invited Geoffrey to come to Germany and for all the energy, time, strength and money you invested and mobilized, in order to organize and hold this workshop. I deeply value your sensitive being and how you manage to keep the balance between creating a quiet and protected space and inviting liveliness and joy into it at the same time. This way you manage to create a valuable space for participants to be able to touch their wounds and enter a process.

I thank you Geoffrey for the games that you showed to us and all the experiences and stories that you shared. Especially the games that brought me in contact with my inner guidance meant a lot to me. For me it was a great treasure to have the space and the possibility within theses 4 days, to feel and especially to trust my intuition and my feelings. It feels good to see you in your relationship to the „big fella“ and how strongly you trust this relationship and „him“. It gives me courage.

It was good for me to be able to feel my old wound again and to get the invitation to shed another layer and to heal it a bit more. It feels as if I found a door when the wound showed up this time. A door that kept me from sensing and feeling thoroughly so far. Now I have this door and I believe that it will open through healing this wound... I am excited to look behind it...

Another thing that was really incredibly good for me during these days was that I got feedback that what I sense and am aware of is true/ correct. It was so wonderful to sense something during the „energy tracking exercise“ and to find out later that there actually was something and that I didn't just imagine it. This experience strengthened my feeling of „being right“, that what I feel is correct. (A part of me knows this already for the last 2 years, but the other part which believed for the last 28 years that I am wrong is unfortunately sometimes still very loud). And it was also a valuable experience to find out that all the others are capable of feeling and sensing as well. It created a great feeling of belonging. We can all do it! We all have this knowledge/ capability.

I feel an urge  inside me know to pass this wisdom on, especially to pass it on to young women ( and I hope that there are men out there who will pass it on to boys). I wish that girls will never lose their inner trust of being right the way they are and that they will stay connected to this knowing. I want to contribute to that.

Thank you both so much!

Veronika Eilbacher

Wildnispädagogin and Coach)

"I spent 3 days with Geoffrey far into the woods the main intention was to learn as much as possible about various ways to connect more deeply to nature.

Geoffrey is a very skillful, experienced and empathetic counsellor. He is a great teacher and manages to transfer his knowledge very easy and fluently to others. I enjoyed very much being his student for these couple of days, and I would happily recommend him to others".



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