“Nature is a Powerful Facilitator for Change and as such it has Great Therapeutic Value”

Due to the popularity of our work we are looking for other venues
particularly in Europe to run our courses/workshops. If you would like to be a host, do get in touch.

Perhaps you are looking for something more bespoke.
Tell us about it.
“Geoffrey is unique, and defies stereo-typing. A giant of a man with a gentle soul. A soldier who believes in peace. A man who's attuned to nature and to people in all their inter-connectivity. A man to absolutely depend upon, who will bring out and hold your own emergent courage until you can hold it yourself. And there's a real gift because whether we are delving into the unknown in ourselves or into the raw side of nature, we need to know we are with someone who can and will deal with anything that comes up. That's Geoffrey”.

Adrian Wilson-Smith - 2016

Geoffrey's workshops are completely extraordinary.  As a natural-born cynic, I attended the first one with a lot of doubts.  Geoffrey was working with three young lads who had more than their fair share of troubles in life.  Although I could just have observed and filmed, Geoffrey and the lads invited me into the workshop.  I was drawn into a bubble of trust and calm that had a very profound effect on me.  Geoffrey has a way of working - calmly, slowly, with humour - that really draws you in.  His ability to connect with the natural world, and to share that connection to others, is really profound.  

Games that seem simple and even child-like when described, took on a huge significance in my mind.  We were all deeply affected by the experience... Amazing”.

David Bond

Director - Green Lions

I get many requests from people wishing to volunteer, with the aim of understanding how I work.

At present I am not able to take on volunteers. However, should you wish to attend one of my workshops, there may be an opportunity for you to come back and help out on the same
workshop you have attended.
Developing Your Own Nature-Therapy Business
From time to time I get requests about how I set up my business in Nature-based Therapy.

I am happy to share this information with folks, please contact me for details and costs about how to develop your own business.
Some of the countries where Natural Awareness & Tracking has been delivered:
  • Disaffected Youth
  • Addictions & Rehabs
  • Youth Services
  • Forest School Practitioners
  • Police, Military
  • Counsellors, Therapists
  • Scouts and Youth Organisations
  • Schools, Colleges
  • Film & Documentary Makers
  • Businesses Local & International
  • Corporate Events
  • Plus much more...
Natural Awareness is a Nature-based Therapy that's in the
'Here and Now'