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"I have just spent a weekend in the woods with Geoffrey and during that time, I went from using my mind to using my heart (as Geoffrey calls it) to further my tracking skills.

At first, you try and rationalise everything but once you manage to get yourself away from that restrictive box, your awareness starts to blossom and you begin to understand the element of Energy Tracking. Sometimes it can be a shock with the feelings experienced; sometimes it can be felt as an ethereal nudge in the right direction.

The secret is to work with what Geoffrey is teaching you through his humour, his beliefs, his experiences and directional but gentle instruction - once you do that, it becomes easier to flick between the Physical world and the world of Energy Tracking.

Bob Leatherday

August 2015

Some of our client base and countries where Natural Awareness and Tracking has been delivered:
  • Disaffected Youth
  • Addictions & Rehabs
  • Youth Services
  • Forest School Practitioners
  • Police, Military
  • Counsellors, Therapists
  • Scouts and Youth Organisations
  • Schools, Colleges
  • Film & Documentary Makers
  • Businesses Local & International
  • Plus many more...
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