Nature Facilitates Change
"I spent 3 days with Geoffrey far into the woods the main intention was to learn as much as possible about various ways to connect more deeply to nature.

Geoffrey is a very skillful, experienced and empathetic counsellor. He is a great teacher and manages to transfer his knowledge very easy and fluently to others. I enjoyed very much being his student for these couple of days, and I would happily recommend him to others".



Some of our client base and countries where Natural Awareness and Tracking has been delivered:
  • Disaffected Youth
  • Addictions & Rehabs
  • Youth Services
  • Forest School Practitioners
  • Police, Military
  • Counsellors, Therapists
  • Scouts and Youth Organisations
  • Schools, Colleges
  • Film & Documentary Makers
  • Businesses Local & International
  • Plus many more...
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